Iodophor Swabs

Medical Materials & Accessories
Size: /
Stock: Yes
Shelf Life: 2 years
Material: 100% Cotton
Quality Certification: ce
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety standard: None
Type: Surgical Supplies
Ingredient: Iodophor, Iodine
Tips specification:
Diameter 5.5mm, length 15-17mm
Total length: 75-78mm
Color: Brown
Package: Single Packing
Packing: By automatic machine
Usage: Disinfection
MOQ: 100000pcs
Supplier: Manufacturer in China

 Product name First Aid  Iodine Liquid filled Cotton Swab Of Medical Iodophor Cotton Swab
 Tips material 100% Pure cotton
 Tips specification 5.5*15-17mm
 Total length 75-78mm
 Colour Tips:white;plastic stick:all colour are available;wood:nature
 Package Single packing
 Usage Medical Disinfection
 Packing Packing by automatic machine
 Factory Cotton swab manufactuer in China



Contact: Ane

Phone: 86-18850300268


Add: No.568, North Sunban Road, Jimei District, Xiamen,CN361024 China

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