hair clipper

hair clippers proferssional/rechargeable

Product model: OC-228

Charging method USB charging

Product Name: Intelligent Oil Head Scissor Charging Time: 3h

Product color: Grey gold black gray black gold Single unit size: 15x4.1x3.5cm Color box size: 19.8x9.5x4.8cm

Voltage and current: 5V/450mA

Rate: 5W

Range: 180 minutes

Blade material: stainless iron

Single unit net weight: 136kg

Cleaning: Blade washing with water

Battery specification: 18650 Li battery

Body material: ABS+pc+zinc alloy battery capacity: 1300mAh

Packing quantity: 40 pieces/piece

Weight/piece: 13kg

Volume/piece: 41.5x41x26cm

No previous NEXT: laser freezing point depilator



Contact: Ane

Phone: 86-18850300268


Add: No.568, North Sunban Road, Jimei District, Xiamen,CN361024 China

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