laser freezing point depilator

Based on the principle of selective photothermal action, IPL freezing point depilator uses the new pulse mode and repetition frequency of the instrument to penetrate subcutaneous adipose tissue and directly act on hair follicles. Gradually increase the temperature in the hair follicle and gently inactivate the hair follicle. Freezing point depilation can cool and painless remove excess hair in a large area, effectively protect the surrounding skin and let beautiful women get rid of hair problems. The difference between products and peers is that ice can reach - 3 ℃ to - 5 ℃. Our factory is a scheme factory with core technology, SMT, ID structure and R & D team. The product quality is excellent.

Product Name: opl-a902 laser freezing point depilator

Launch time: June 2019

Color: White + silver ferry, white + Rose Gold ferry

Lamp tube: a + quartz lamp tube, light source technology: pulsed light

Product weight: (bare metal weight: about 322g / gross weight of the whole set: about 951g)

Product size: 200 * 145 * 66mm

Rated power: 36W

Energy: 1.8-4.9j/cm ² (MA)

Irradiation area: 3cm2

Number of exposures: 999900

Light output time: 0.9-0.35 seconds

Energy gear: 5 gears adjustable

Usage: connect the power supply

Adapter specification: input AC100-240V, output dc12v3a

Operating temperature: 5 ℃ - 30 °℃

Ice feeling: Yes

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