Anti Snoring braces

The multifunctional Anti Snoring braces keep the mandible moving forward by physical means, increase the pharyngeal cavity and airway space, and restore the smoothness of the upper respiratory tract
Prevent tooth damage and facial muscle squaring caused by molars. Training bite, correcting root, stopping snoring, and improving tooth bite and alignment. Beautify teeth, can cooperate with whitening paste for tooth beautification, take and wear at any time, convenient and fast. Food grade silica gel material, does not damage oral soft tissue, close to skin, fit and comfortable. It is not easy to deform after long-term use. With the breathing mouth, deep sleep can also breathe smoothly. It is applicable to multiple scenes, such as bedrooms, offices, dormitories, high-speed railways, airplanes, cars, etc. it is invisible and light, and it is still in the mouth to alleviate the problems of snoring, and grinding teeth, and there is no need to worry about the impact of "nose snoring" on others. It can be disinfected with alcohol or boiling water before and after use.
Storage box, sanitary and portable.




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