Reusable Facial Rounds


Diameter (approximately): 8 cm/3.15 inches
Material: Made of organic bamboo cotton fabric (70% bamboo / 30% cotton) with no chemicals to irritate the skin.
Two Tone Microfiber:
1:Black Side For Mascara, Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Foundation
2: White Side For Toner And Moisturizer
What you get:(2 kinds of packages available)
1: 16*bamboo cotton remover pad, 1*Cotton mesh bag, 1* Paper box
2: 16*bamboo cotton remover pad, 1*Cotton mesh bag, 1* Paper box, 1*bamboo tube


As a great gift

A great choice for Bridesmaids Gift, birthday Gift, best Friend Gift, mom's gift, teacher gifts, and even a housewarming gifts.

Zero pollution & bamboo canister

There are 16 reusable make-up removal pads in it. The package is exquisite and the unique design makes it convenient for you to take it. Bamboo storage tanks are not easy to seep in. They not only keep your makeup remover clean, but also keep your room or sink clean and organized.

Usage Tip

-STEP 1 Wash bamboo pads before first use. You can hand wash them with water or machine wash in warm water -STEP 2 Soak the mat with water or makeup remover (such as cleansing water) for 5 minutes. Erase makeup. If necessary, you can use the pad to apply toner to the freshly washed face, making it easier to remove makeup - STEP 3 Used reusable makeup clean pads can be machine washed in the mesh laundry bag or hand wash with soap and warm water -STEP 4 After waiting for the makeup remover pad to clean and dry, you can put it in a laundry bag and store it in the corner, take it out when needed



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