Baby Nasal Aspirator

Safety instructions for use
●This product is only used to clean the nasal cavity and derivatives of the
baby's nasal cavity.
●Prevent solid and hard objects above 3mm from entering the nozzle.
●Please don't throw away randomly, so as not to damage the product.
●Please use the accessories provided by the manufacturer to avoid
damage to the machine due to inconsistent accessories.
●This product is not a toy, please keep it in a safe place and do not let
children play.
Precautions before use
●It is recommended to sterilize the suction nozzle and collection cup before
use, such as soaking in boiling water at 212°F / 100°C for a few minutes
and then install it on the main body of the equipment for use. Do not use
high-temperature machines such as microwave ovens for detoxification.
●Do not immerse the whole product in liquid.
●Please check whether the seal is damaged and the accessories are
●Wash your hands before use.
●This product is a brand-new nasal cavity cleaning product, which is soft,
efficient and easy to clean. It can clean the nasal cavity of babies and
children under safe and comfortable conditions.
●The product is equipped with three levels of suction strength, which can be
adjusted according to the nasal cavity.
●The product can emit beautiful music, allowing babies to clean their nasal
cavity in a relaxed atmosphere.
●The blister cup and suction nozzle made of food-grade materials are safe
and hygienic, easy to operate, and easy to keep the baby's nasal cavity
Product preservation method
●Please use cleaning agents such as alcohol or detergent to clean this
●The suction nozzle and collection cup can be disinfected with boiling
water or steam, but cannot be disinfected with a microwave oven.
●The main body of the product is not waterproof. Do not wash with water
or clean at high temperatures. Please use a soft wet towel to wipe the
main body of the product for cleaning.
●Avoid storing the product in direct sunlight and humid environment.
●Avoid using corrosive chemicals to clean this product




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